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Attainable & Sustainable Homes

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FHA 203K Full Renovation GPR Home

Substantial renovations including new helical pier, grade beam foundation and new 2nd floor.

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  • Free initial consultations

  • Due diligence

  • Title searches

  • GIS research

  • Site Inspections

  • Topo surveys

We offer our wealth of diverse skills.

The services that we provide include:

  • AutoCAD
  • Project management

  • FHA 203K/Homestyle Consulting

  • Energy audits, (HERS I & II)

  • Grant Administration 

  • Job creation assistance

The Attainable and Sustainable Housing Model, (ASH) is a building science application using the FHA 203K or HomeStyle loan, Energy Upgrade California, (EUC) and Energy Efficient Mortgage, (EEM) programs to produce a highly leveraged, energy efficient affordable housing product.
This video discusses how the building shell and envelope are distingiushed and treated to provide the maximum Air Changes Per Hour, (ACH) and air flows so that the heating/cooling systems can operate at maximum performance levels.
Identifying, separating and sealing the building shell and building envelope are the key fundamental aspects of producing highly efficient heating and cooling systems within a building. 

We provide the necessary services to successfully scope and manage your project from concept to finish. We are a team of planners, building and energy consultants that come together to walk you through your project from beginning to end. 

​​Our strategy includes creating public/private partnerships to create synergy and to seek subsidies designed to give you more leverage and returns on your investment.


Our team comes together to provide the most comprehensive approach to scoping and budgeting your project. Our strategy includes using public/private financing programs, tax credits and energy rebates.  


Besides the technical and administrative support that we provide, our strategy also includes using current technology that reduces redundancy, increases mobility and access to accurate information.

Quinton Sankofa

Change Agent Sirius Creativity: An Organizational Development & Non-Profit Management Consulting group


Joe Serrano is a certified HUD Home Renovation Consultant. My wife and I hired him as first time home buyers for a home we were purchasing through the Fannie Mae Homestyle Renovation Loan Program. We found Joe to be very knowledgeable, responsive, trust worthy, and honest


We were in a complicated situation. The lender was terrible and the mortgage broker wasn't any better. With the type of program we were using, you need a HUD consultant to help prepare the work write up. Unfortunately the lender didn't tell us this until we had already spent 5 months preparing the write up ourselves.


So in order to proceed we needed to hire a consultant. We found Joe online and the reviews were good. Lots of people recommend his services. We reached out and hired Joe to be our consultant for our first Homestyle renovation.


Working with Joe was great, he helped us navigate the issues we were having with our lender and encouraged us to find the right lender to work with. Joe helped us negotiate fair prices with our contractor and he gave us good suggestions on where we could save money in our renovation budget. We highly recommend him especially if you're doing a Fannie Mae Homestyle Loan or FHA 203K loan. 

Edwil Antolin
Substitute Teacher at Napa Valley Unified School District

"Joe is a very trustworthy and professional individual. Joe's knowledge regarding his craft is very extensive. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who wishes to obtain the services of an FHA 203k consultant."

Mark Heckey
Owner of Touchstone Consultants

"Joe is a hard working and diligent housing professioal. He was my project manager for housing rehabilitations and transitional housing projects. Joe also has a strong architectural design sense and worked on gateway signage projects in Foresthill and Kings Beach.  I strongly recommend Joe."

Patsy Rogers
Above PAR Real Estate Service

"Joe was recommended by a mutual business associate, for which I am ever thankful. Partnering with Joe for my first FHA 203(k) loan approval, made the process much easier than anticipated. His professionalism and friendly attitude put my mind at ease, as well, my buyer's. As a HUD approved cost consultant, Joe prepared the work write-up and cost estimates, and screened the contractors bidding for the job. Due to Joe's guidance and patience in helping me understand his role in the 203(k) process, I am prepared to help other buyers purchase and repair affordable homes by utilizing the program. "

We have collaborated with the United States Department of Housing & Community Development, (HUD), Public Community Development Agencies, Private Housing Investors, General Contractors, public interest groups, and other community partners.

Touchstone Consultants was founded by Mark Heckey in July of 2012. Mr. Heckey formed Touchstone Consultants after retiring from 20 years of public service in economic development and redevelopment programs. The company is a sole proprietorship without full time employees. The company works in a consulting team style, forming ad hoc business relationships with other consultants and consulting firms for specific project assignments. The company is based in Sacramento County, in the community of Orangevale.

Phone: (707) 249-5748 


TentMakers Inc. is a not-for-profit Community Housing Development Corporation that was created to assist in the development of affordable housing and other economic development activities.
We create affordable housing through smart, innovative collaboration, planning and design.

We specialize in:
  • FHA 203K & Homestyle Consulting
  • Accessory Dwelling Units, (ADU's)
  • Tiny Homes
  • Co-living/Ownership Homes
  • Acquisition Rehabilitation
  • Manufactured Homes
Our other services include feasibility analysis, site inspections, field take-offs, scoping, planning, design/drafting, permitting, construction contract origination, field administration, fund control, project management & energy planning among other residential and economic development services.
Our organization provides administrative and technical assistance in support of residential developments and job creation. 

Joe Serrano is the CEO of TentMakers Inc., a Community Housing Development 501(c)(3) Corporation. He is also a member of the Richmond Workforce Investment Board, Veterans Affordable Home Ownership Program Board, City of Richmond Task Force On Homelessness, and is the Co-Chair of the California Minority Builders Coalition Fund. Joe is an experienced leader, entrepreneur with an academic background in Architecture and Business Administration.  He has over 25 years of work experience in public administration, construction and development. He provides housing rehabilitation, residential design and other related housing & economic development assistance. Joe also is an avid professional photographer.

Phone: (510) 775-3810 


Our process, from start to finish

Mark Heckey, Principal - Touchstone Consultants

in California's Bay Area

Joe Serrano, CEO - TentMakers Inc.
Co-Chair, California Minority Builders Coalition Fund


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California Minority Builders Coalition fund

We design, as well as build

We provide expertise in:

Tentmakers Inc. has backgrounds in business administration architecture, and over 25 years of experience with every aspect of residential building: from acquisition to occupancy, from design to development.  
Our diverse experience ensures that no challenge is truly beyond us.
Enlisting Tentmakers for your residential needs means the project will be completed to your satisfaction.  

The CMBC is a collaborative effort of among leaders in the minority builder and non-profit developer community. We have created a fund to finance collaborative affordable housing efforts.


​The Coalition was founded by Al Pina, CEO of Florida Minority Community Reinvestment Coalition, retired CA Assemblyman Joe Coto, and Joe Serrano​, CEO TentMakers Inc.

The slideshow above is from CMBC's conference, Addressing the Racial Wealth Gap.


What ever your project needs,

we are here to help. 







Accessory Dwelling Units

The above video details a Tentmakers rehabilitation project on an Oakland ADU. 
ADU's, or Accessory Dwelling Units (also known as in-law unit, or granny unit, among other names) are supplemental, smaller dwellings that can exist on the same property as a regular home. They can come in the form of guest houses, rehabilitated garages, basement apartments, or a tiny home on the property. Once popular during the turn of the 20th century, their construction has since been hampered by modern building codes such as minimum size, room, and parking requirements. 
Fortunately, the State of California has eased these regulations as of January 1st, 2017. The new ordinance eases minimum parking space requirements, and opens up the possibility to construct ADUs on the property of any single family home. For more information, click here for the State of California's December 2016 ADU memorandum. 
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